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Sustainable switches for your home renovations

Install a composting system in your garden
Whether you’ve got a small courtyard or a back garden, composting can reduce as much as 30% of household waste away from the garbage can. Conveniently, composting offers a natural alternative to chemical fertilisers when applied to lawns and garden beds.

LED Lighting
These globes might cost a little more than Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) bulbs, but an LED provides 15,000 to 50,000 hours of illumination compared to a CFL’s 6000 hours. Make that small investment into slightly better bulbs, for a brighter, more eco future!

Water Tanks
For those doing a build, or full home reno, having a rainwater tank is a great way to collect rain for drinking, laundry and more. In the average water tank, you will collect about 1 litre of water for every 1 mm of rain that falls on 1 square metre of land. According to an article by Water Installations Pty Ltd, “The average home could easily harvest 100,000 L each year from their roof, and this water can be used to offset the water budget for your home.”

Appliance Upgrades
That washing machine or fridge that’s almost as old as you? Yeah that one. The older the appliances, the less innovative and energy efficient they are! Some more modern appliances are far more energy efficient, or are very good at saving water. It pays to invest in your appliances too, so they’ll long-term make your home a happier one, and more efficient one.

House Plants
Besides looking chic and adding a pop of freshness, indoor plants can remove toxins from indoor air, and create a healthy indoor environment for your family. We must warn you however that not all plants are safe for pets – so please read this before selecting the perfect plants for the space.

Preference Floors Choices
Preference Floors offers a range of hybrid and laminate choices, to make your home renovations a more innovative, eco-friendly one. Hybrids are great for thermal performance and sound dampening and laminates are manufactured with natural wood fibre providing excellent carbon sequestration. Check them out on our website.


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