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How to make space more homely

Create a cosy, inviting home this autumn and winter, and beat the chill from the comfort of your own home with these simple touches.
Whether you’re working with a large space, or a one bedroom apartment, we’ve put together our top five picks to create a warm, cosy home that won’t cause you to run up the gas or electricity bill with heating!
Swap coffee tables or side tables for ottomans 
Plush ottomans with fabric coverings, such as an upholstered ottoman are a great way to soften a space, and create less distance from couch to table. Bridge that gap and fill the space between.

Lightbulbs, and lighting placement.
Cool-toned, while easily accessible, can often feel quite clinical in any living area. Our recommended switch is a warm bulb with a slightly lower wattage for maximum warmth. To increase the cosy feeling at night, have these lamps placed in corners of the room to bounce the light around in the corners, without having to switch on multiple lamps

Add personal photos
Pinterest-worthy minimalist homes are lovely, but we’re of the belief that your home should really feel like yours. Decorate with family photos, memorabilia and more to fill your home without cluttering it. Our pick is a gallery wall that draws on some of your favourite artwork, paired with some personal moments. Nothing evokes that warm, fuzzy feeling like being reminded of special moments in your life!

Paint two-tone walls
White walls are clean and refined, but in spaces with especially high ceilings, it can make the space feel enormous, and swallow all of your furniture. Painting colour on your walls a third, or only part of the way up tricks the eye into thinking the ceilings are lower than they are.

Preference Floors Choices
Here are some of our top warm and fuzzy picks for you, when selecting flooring that’ll make you feel all kinds of cosy.

1. https://www.preferencefloors.com.au/product/espresso/

2. https://www.preferencefloors.com.au/product/sydney-blue-gum/

3. https://www.preferencefloors.com.au/product/latte/

We look forward to seeing how you choose to cosy up your space! If you use any of our tips, be sure to tag us on social media @preferencefloors so we can share the love with our followers and keep the inspiration flowing all winter long.

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