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How to clean and look after your floors.

If you’ve got Preference Floors products installed in your home, you’ll understand the magical feeling of a sparkling clean floor. No footprints (two legged or four!) or dust and grit, just an amazing looking floor that gives your interior a real shine. Our floors are designed to be lived on and loved by all, the clear coatings on the surface are there to act as an initial barrier to reduce the surface scuffing that occurs from day-to-day activity. If you let the dust and grit build up, the floor will tend to lose its lustre and surface scratching will occur on a more regular basis.

Correct floor care is necessary for the longevity of your product and is a vital requirement to maximise the performance and enjoyment of your flooring investment.

The better you look after your flooring, the longer the life of it. It’s not rocket science, and neither is the upkeep.

Our Floor Care guides are generally similar, but not generic across all ranges. Cleaning instructions for waterproof hybrid products will be different to natural timber products such as Oak, Hickory, and our Australian Hardwood Timber flooring. Laminate floors are also wood based and need special floor care to keep them looking great.

This is why we recommend referring to the Floor Care guides on our website that are specific to your flooring product. Importantly, some cleaning ideas and general upkeep is consistent across most hard flooring ranges. Check them out below!

1. Steam Mops are a big NO NO for all floors, certain uneducated retailers sell them regardless of what is indicated in floor care guides or warranties. We do not recommend Steam Floors Mops for any Preference Floors products.
2. Sweep the floor regularly with an electrostatic broom, soft bristled broom, or wood floor mop.
3. Dust and or clean with a soft bristled vacuum head. Ensure vacuum head is non-abrasive with no metal contact points to avoid scratching.
4. If necessary for stubborn sticky spills, clean with a well wrung out mop with warm water and a PH neutral floor cleaner. We strongly recommend BONA or LOBA floor care solutions.Avoid off the shelf floor care solutions from supermarkets.
5. Check out BONA here: https://www.bona.com.au or google Loba Floor Care resellers on the web.

General upkeep tips:
1. Place mats at exterior and interior doors to trap sand and grit from incoming traffic and for drying feet if pool activity is nearby.
2. Use a rug or mat in high traffic areas to reduce wear & scuffing.
3. Stick soft pads to the base of all furnishings in contact with the floor.
4. When moving heavy furniture or appliances always pick it up rather than sliding it across the floor. If necessary, slide a heavy piece of fabric (like a rug or carpet material) to slide.
5. Keep pets’ claws properly trimmed to avoid excess scratches and gouges.

If you follow these industry acknowledged guidelines the task of maintaining your flooring will become a regular function in the overall upkeep of the property. Of course, if you’ve got any questions specific to your Preference Floors product, please chat to one of our team who will assist you with cleaning tips, or how to rescue your floors in the event of an accident.

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