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2022 Design Trends

We’re always fascinated to see what’s trending in the design space for each year. Whether interior design, or in the architecture space, there are so many ways in which you can customise your home to suit what’s current. What we’re loving about these trends for 2022 is that they’re not particularly “trendy” meaning they’ll come and go, rather, clear design decisions that won’t age fast. Here are a few of our favourite picks: 


Earth tones

Connecting to nature even in a suburban home is a must for 2022 renovations and builds. Eucalyptus, sage, ochre and clay are the flour most popular colours for wall paints. This could aos be extended to statement styling, like ochre velvet cushions, or sage green bath towels. If you’re not feeling game enough to paint the whole room, smaller pops like this are a must.


Darker Oak

Darker coloured oak flooring is making a definite comeback, from previous years where a much more washed, Scandinavian style has been incredibly popular. Think Woodlands from our Artisan Oak range, or Sydney Blue Gum from the Preference Select Australian Species range. 





Sydney Blue Gum



Floor-to-Ceiling Sheers


We’re all dreaming of a beach escape, aren’t we? Create a bedroom or living room with maximum calm, by installing floor-to-ceiling sheer curtains. These are brilliant for creating privacy, elongating the room, and creating an overall calm in your desired space. Our pick is a linen, for maximum coastal vibes. 


Zig Zags 


Detailing in furniture pieces and patterns in zig zag are a trend we’ve seen more of this year. External cladding in a zig zag pattern is also a popular trend. Our pick is the stunning new De Marque Parquetry Collection is now available with a Universal Tongue & Groove profile that enables multiple pattern assembly to create a number of different visuals.

Herringbone & Chevron Parquetry and Wide Plank Oak: https://www.preferencefloors.com.au/de-marque-collection-oak-wide-planks-and-parquetry/ 

Coloured Wallpaper

White walls will forever have a special place in our hearts and homes, but this year we’re turning our heads to bold, coloured wallpaper to act as a feature wall in our home. Colour-wise, we’re once again seeing those natural and earthy grey-greens, warmer and creamier whites, and even a bold blue. Consider tones that create a sense of comfort. 

If you’re wondering how to create a home that celebrates these trends and revives your space, these are some swaps to transform a few tired interior trends like those plain white walls.

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